February 1, 2019 

Jefferson, GA


David Fields, joins Pamelah Howard, Owner and Founder of multi-destinations company, “Global Angling Tours, Inc”

Two seasoned and highly respected agent/outfitters in the Custom Angling Tours industry join together.

Pamelah Howard (Amazon River Adventures & Global Angling Tours) and David Fields, (formerly operating as Fishin’ Expeditions & Amazon Fishing Adventures) have joined together under the Global Angling Tours brand. Effective immediately Fields will join Global Angling Tours as Media Guy, Tour Host and Chief Finatic.

Pamelah Howard
Pamelah Howard, Global Angling Tours, Inc. (GAT)

“I would like to welcome David Fields as he joins me and all my past, current and future clients in the operations of GAT.  David is a long-time friend, competitor, top-rate Agent/Outfitter and former fishing lodge owner.  We have actually worked together in an Outfitter-to-Outfitter/Agent relationship on several occasions. I am truly proud and honored to be working towards and creating the vision we have both had for many years while combining our efforts. 

A Little About David:  David was the Owner/Founder of dmf, inc., the parent company of Fishin’ Expeditions (FE) & Amazon Fishing Adventures (AFA).  Global Angling Tours (GAT) is a new multi-destination company including, but not limited to, Amazon River Adventures, LLC (recently acquired by GAT), Aniak River Adventures and Sportfishing Mexico.  David is joining GAT as Media Guy, Tour Host and Chief Finatic.

HERE’S WHAT YOU HAVE WITH THIS MERGER:  Two Agent/Outfitters with a combination of 40 years in the custom Angling Tours business with well established and reputable histories – 1st class customer service – knowledge and first-hand experience of all aspects of running a booking and outfitting operation with trustworthy and hardworking individuals.  These attributes are what I believe brings you to us, and that is why you can feel assured that exciting times are on the horizon for Global Angling Tours! Global Angling Tours will strive to provide the “Premier” exotic fishing destinations and Eco tours company along with exemplary customer service and options for the type trips we know you all enjoy.   We both, as well as our management teams at our fishing destinations, have spent a lifetime striving to build our reputations in this business and the testimonials from customers tend to confirm our efforts.

I can truly tell you that GAT is very “blessed” to have David join us. A well established industry professional with unquestionable reputation, strong destination relationships, and destination operating experience, he is certainly a great asset for GAT. David will focus mostly on brand and media strategy as well as hosting trips and working to educate our customers on the tackle and gear needs as well as the techniques required for their fishing destination of choice.”

David Fields, Founder dmf, inc. | Fishin’ Expeditions & Amazon Fishing Adventures 2004 – 2019

“I’ve heard this statement more than a few times, “significant change occurs on the average every seven years in business.” I guess my business is tardy. I’m already 15 years in! But I can assure you, big changes are happening now! I’m pleased and excited that change is here!

So here’s the scoop in a nutshell. I have this business competitor; yet associate (how is that possible); and friend who has, like me, been working the Agent / Outfitter side of exotic fishing trips for the last 18 years or so. And BTW, has done a superb job of marketing, management and logistics for 3-4 different companies along the way. My friend has finally decided to go all in and has formed her own company to implement the business model she has always dreamed of.

Let me introduce you to Global Angling Tours, Inc. and it’s owner, Pamelah Howard. You would know her over the last several years by her operations management with Amazon River Adventures, Brazil and Aniak Lodge, Alaska.

Although I have departed from the operations, marketing and management side of the industry, I now bring many of the destinations I have represented over the past 15 years through AFA into the Global Angling Tours stable of exotic and top shelf angling destinations. But of much more importance, I hope my many friends, past clients and industry alliances will join me in following and allowing Global Angling Tours to be your Agent/Outfitter of choice. I can assure you, Pamelah and I will do our very best to continue to earn your business by providing prompt, professional and unequaled personal service.”

Pamelah Howard, Owner

Global Angling Tours, Inc.

Amazon River Adventures, LLC


(800) 398-5837  – Pamelah

David Fields



Larry Larson, Larson Outdoors
Larry Larson, Larson Outdoors

“Hi David and Pam,

I want to wish you great success on your collaboration of talents to bring world fishing tour opportunities to your many clients and friends. Having worked with both of you independently on several magazine article editorial and photography assignments over the past 15 years or so, I personally know how professional, organized and productive your operations are. While I’ve been with you on exciting fishing tours in 3 different countries, I know your global portfolio also offers additional sportfishing destinations that will whet any angler’s appetite.

Best Wishes,

Larry Larsen, Outdoors/Travel writer and Author of 4 books on Peacock Bass”

Delbert Davis, Jr.

“David Fields has joined Pamelah Howard’s Global Angling Tours, a multi destination, multi species agency focused on customized offerings to individuals as well as private, family and corporate groups.

David has 15 years experience as an agent/outfitter for destinations located throughout the Americas and has specialized in South American Exotics. For 5 years David was a co-owner/operator of a Bass Lodge on Lake Huites, Mexico.

Pamelah has 18 years extensive experience in agent/outfitter logistics in South America, Mexico and Alaska.

In todays angling/travel business character, experience and integrity are of utmost importance in an agent/outfitter.

In my 20 years of work, I have traveled, fished and been associated with David and Pamelah; and without reservation, recommend them to anyone who wants to experience their trophy destinations.

They are very capable in all the logistics necessary to get you to your destination, provide you with a great fishing/travel experience and get you back home with many memories.

Delbert Davis, Jr

“A fisherman who booked trips for fishermen””