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To me, the Amazon Basin is one of the most magnificent and yet mysterious places on the face of the earth. Even so, everyone is most hospitable from the City of Manaus to the Jungle fringe and everywhere in between.  It’s almost a spirtual feeling at times for those who are in tune with life around you. The tributaries and indigenous people truely offer a “Trip of a Lifetime” experience.  While traveling with Amazon River Adventures you will be taken into the heart of the Amazon, with all the creature comforts of home, yet there with the inhabitants both Human and creature alike.  The Amazonas region will hold a special place in your heart, mind and soul and will remain so for a lifetime.      __ Pamelah Howard

One-fifth of the world’s fresh water is contained in the Amazon River system and incorporates over three million square miles of rainforest filled with flocks of beautiful birds and iridescent butterflies in colors never imagined. You will view the majestic and mystical “Botu” (pink dolphin), present only in the Amazon River. Itineraries may be chosen as either one of our stand Eco Tour packages or tailored to suite your specific desires, as “exotic and imaginative” as they may be. Our groups are assured seclusion and flexibility. You are guaranteed an intimate adventure experience of a lifetime!

See the sights of your Destination City, Manaus, its local vibe and the daily life of the locals. Navigate the waterways of the Amazon River on your own personal expedition. Enjoy the cacophony of the wildlife and the Amazon’s wonders.
Experience a jungle walk village visitation, hand fishing for piranha

Experience walking in the rainforest, fishing for piranhas, spotting caiman at night, and dining on a deserted river beach if weather permits. For the more adventurous, enjoy kayaking in a peaceful and remote lagoon or
expansive river system. Choose to go jungle trekking, fly fishing, and bird watching which in itself can be a daily excursion. Groups are led by expert natural historians, local guides, or traditional jungle shaman, through whom you will realize the essence of the Amazon jungle – its natural beauty, wildlife, people, and most of all, its overwhelming collective energy.In our cultural immersion, you will have the opportunity for social contact with the local people. You will mingle with them, feeling the joy, rhythm, freedom and tranquility of their lives. These simple people depend on “The River of Life” and its omnipotent rainforest for their existence, as their ancestors have done for centuries.

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Where do I begin when booking a trip?

Please call our office at 1 (800) 398-5837, or email us at to make your reservation.  Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you and is close as a phone call or email away from the time you book your reservation, until the time you leave for your trip.  We will provide step-by-step instructions and booking packet information with loads of information about everything you need to know!  Should you desire not to handle things on your own, we also have affiliates such as airline agents, recommended Brazilian visa expeditors, and a certified trip insurance agent within our office to protect your trip costs and medical coverage should you need it.

The Steps Are:

  1. Call our office for availability and choose your trip week.
  2. Book your reservation and mail your deposit within 10 days of booking.
  3. Purchase your airline tickets.
  4. Apply for your Passport and Brazilian visa (if you do not already have one).
  5. Purchase your travel insurance (highly recommended but optional).
  6. Payment in full is due 75 days prior to departure.
  7. Pack your bags and prepare for your “Trip of a Lifetime”!

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