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It is HIGHLY recommended you purchase Trip Insurance while traveling to any location – especially internationally. Depending on what type travel you are doing, you have the option of choosing, or customizing, your insurance needs from a variety of plans and insurance companies. You may click on the Travel Guard banner below and make your purchase online, OR our office is more than happy to assist you. Please call 1 (800) 398-5837, or email for an immediate quote or purchase.

Here, at Global Angling Tours, Inc., we have a certified Travel Guard insurance agent who can give you a quote right over the phone, email quotes to you, or purchase it at that moment.  *You must have your flights purchased prior to buying travel insurance.  Prices depend upon which package you purchase, your age, resident state you are in, area of travel, length of travel and amount you are covering. You may also purchase “only” the medical evacuation, etc. 


We have several options to choose from:

  • Basic (Covers Trip Costs + MedEvac)
  • Silver (Covers Trip Costs + MedEvac) *Most popular for our adventure trips*
  • Gold (Covers Trip Costs + MedEvac) *Most popular for our adventure trips*
  • Platinum (Covers Trip Costs + MedEvac)
  • Medevac (Medical /Evacuation *only)


Pack N Go (Last Minute Travel – no trip cancellation coverage)

Travel Guard Plus (Ultimate Adventure Sports Travel-Most Expensive $$.  Covers Job loss/trip cancellation due to work issues. )

Business Traveler (Small Business Traveler, medical emergencies concierge services, missed connections, etc.)

Travel Rite Annual Plan (Annual plan covering multi-trip coverage)

Car Rental Collision (Affordable coverage alternative to rental car insurance)

Flight Guard (Fight coverage only)


IMPORTANT:  Although you can purchase your policy a few days prior to your departure, you should make note that most states of residence allow a BONUS of pre-existing condition “waivers” IF you purchase your travel insurance within 14-15 days after our office receives your initial deposit or flight (whichever comes first).  This is a great advantage. 

         *some plans and coverages are not available in all States*


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