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Pamelah Howard


Pamelah is not a stranger to the Fishing Industry.  She has served many clients throughout the years including celebrities, professional athletes, dignitaries, and more with several operators throughout the years. Her expertise lies in providing excellent customer service, logistics, sales & marketing to help them towards a successful fishing expedition. Her customers reap the benefits of receiving the tools they need to be at ease with their travel and help to make their fishing trip a real “Trip of a Lifetime” on the amazing Amazon waterways.  Born in Germany, raised in Georgia, a licensed Georgia real estate agent, mother of 2 boys, and 6 grandchildren, Pamelah has always been fascinated with nature’s many wonders- especially the rainforest.  In the last 20 years, she has worked for several international companies, including the American LeMans Series International Sports Car Racing, and the last 20 years of that, providing exotic fishing trips, both conventional and fly for Large Mouth Bass in the Sinaloa area of Mexico, Amazon, Brazil’s Peacock Bass and multi-species, and bush adventures of Aniak, Alaska.

“I have always been truly intrigued with the mystique and naturistic wonders of the beautiful Amazon, the unbelievable scenery and bounty of the Rivers in the Alaskan bush, and the amazing fisheries in the mountainous regions of Mexico. They have always held a special place in my heart. From the city residents, to the indigenous natives of the destination areas, the hospitality leaves everlasting memories. The inhabitants of these lands always seem to welcome you with open arms. It is my honor to share with customers, and play a part in, all that is to enjoy.
Everywhere you look just makes you want to give thanks to the Creator for allowing you to be just a small part of these wonderful and mysterious places that one can only dream of getting to see with his/her own eyes.”

David Fields

David Fields

Media Guy | Tour Host | Chief Finatic


Adventurer and angler fishing the Americas for nearly 50 years. Leading finatics to exotic and far away places for the last 20 years. Former outfitter, with a lifelong passion for chasing most any fish that swims. An entrepreneur at heart, loves spending time on the water with family, friends and other finatics.


David Fields has been an avid angler his whole life. From the Illinois creeks and ponds as a young child to the reservoirs, rivers and oceans throughout all of the Americas, his quest for the finned beasts of Creation has never ceased.


 David: “No doubt, the Hook for international fishing that Stuck Me Deep was my first venture outside the US to the legendary Lake Yahoa Lagoon-a of Central Honduras in 1975. Since then I’ve traveled the Americas in search of the next bucket list trophy. Admittedly, my passion and focus has centered on the explosive peacock bass of Amazonia and many other exotics of South America.”


Founder of Fishin’ Expeditions in 2004 and rebranded as Amazon Fishing Adventures in 2014-18, David soon established himself as premier design agency specializing in South American Exotics as well as Mexico’s numerous giant bass lakes.


“I’ve fished all of the great bass lakes of Old Mexico many many times in their good cycles and their bad, but Lake El Salto, in terms of consistent quantity and quality, is unmatched.” 


When asked about his feelings on the most powerful freshwater species David is quick to respond, “No doubt,  the Golden Dorado or “River Tiger” of the Uruguay River below Salto Grande. Bruts to the max!”


His most recent discovery, in terms of an exploratory, is “unquestionably the vast biodiversity of the Colombian Amazon and the remote fringe where there exists a residency of giants of several exotic species that have remained significantly under pressured.”  


And his favorite “fun fishing? “Anywhere, anytime with family and friends! But otherwise, the Monster Bull Reds of the Mississippi Delta.”


In addition to his assisting clients of Amazon River Adventures / Global Angling Tours, David is an occasional free-lance writer, blogger at Fishing the Americas and brand ambassador for several companies. 


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Nearly 20 years assisting hundreds of anglers, corporate groups and industry professionals in fulfilling their bucket list dream trips, trophy quests and corporate outings to destinations located throughout The Americas. Most recent trek in February 2023 with a group on a black water river in the upper reaches and fringe of Colombian Amazon.

Primary focus was specialized toward designing custom exotic angling tours to destinations located throughout The Americas. Corporate reward and incentive programs, media events, content procurement and industry retreats for hosted groups in addition to assisting clients, family groups and solo anglers. Provided direction in species specific destination selection, planning, travel, logistics, documentation, gear recommendations, species prime date ranges and securing optimum  selection from an alliance group of top shelf operators / outfitters, guides, captains and lodges. I would be glad to assist you in preparing for your next angling quest. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                             __David Fields


 Aldinei “Al” Cruz

Our Chief Tour Guy

Licensed Tour Guide – Manaus, Brazil

Member of Manaus Guide Association

Certified with The Ministry of Tourism and Amazonastur “Amazon Tourism Board”

License CADASTUR 03.030854-96-0. 

Aldinei or “Al” is well known to our customers as most times after, or before, our fishing trips, some of them like to venture out to see the sights i.e. land or water tours, local restaurants for Americans to visit, or additional transportation “outside” of what is included in our fishing packages. Everyone truly enjoys his intellect regarding ecotourism, his fun humor, his ability to create tour packages to suit physical abilities, special requests, and regional/unique cuisine for the adventurous.  Always keeping our guests safe and comfortable, Al is truly Global Angling Tours / Amazon River Adventures’ “go-to-guy” for Eco Tours  and/or special transports in the Amazon.  He holds a professional driver’s license for this reason.

Born in the heart the Amazonas, Aldinei (Al) is an Amazonian native man from the  “Caboclo” (a name that means “person having copper-colored skin” in the Tupi Indigenous Language, kaa’boc). He is a direct decendent of the Amazonian Indigenous and European peoples through his maternal side with indigenous coming from Andirá- Marau Reserve, a region located on the lower Amazon. From his paternal  side – there comes a mixture of Caboclo and Portuguese.  His lovely Brazilian wife is not only a Guide, but also a Biologist!  This is a real plus for those interested in flora and fauna. Having started in the Tourism Industry in 1988, Al has 25 years of experience as a Tour Guide and certification in First aid and Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) at the Brazilian Red Cross.

Thank you for trusting us over the years and our specialties of Peacock Bass Fishing and Eco Tours in the AMAZONAS of Brazil, the 11 species within the Aniak River, ALASKA, the Monster Multi-species Exotics of COLUMBIA, and many varieties of bass in the breathtaking canyons of MEXICO. Bring your camera with you to take your own photos right there within the indigenous life of these regions instead of seeing it from a National Geographic magazine.  We welcome you to visit these amazing and fascinating places with us.  I promise you, it will be something you will never forget.  Be sure to bring someone with you when you visit, because trust me, you’ll want someone there with you to bear witness and back up the unbelievable parts of your stories you will share when you return home.

“Tight Lines, & See You On the River Soon!”

~  Pamelah Howard, Owner  ~ 

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