News from Aniak this week. 

Quite a number of guests fishing the Aniak River this week, including photographers John Gierach and Mike Dvorak, who were doing some legwork for an upcoming article. Camille Eggdorf McCormick, podcaster, and her husband Mat McCormick the wildlife photographer spent some time with us as well. This has been a superb week! The weather has been extremely hot with no rain at all . It makes for buggy conditions but very good fishing. “The Mousing is ON”! The Kings are in with huge numbers, but still no lift on the ban for targeting them in this river. The Chums are starting to move in but still low numbers. Sheefish are doing very well with big numbers but picky on the bite -although we have had (2) record fish this week. Water is low and clearer every day. Pike also featured this week but the Sheefish excitement somewhat eclipsed them. Plenty of Dollies and Char and a good number of Grayling taken on dries as well. That’s it for this week, folks!  Stay tuned….